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    Dr Ian Clarke is the founder and Chairman of board


    Dr Ian Clarke is a board member.

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    CGC is the ultimate go-to consultancy for healthcare, education, agriculture and hospitality related issues in Uganda. Built on 30 years of playing leading and influential roles in the above sectors, we are more than equipped to provide our clients with solutions and strategies to smoothly navigate the various hurdles that come with operating in Uganda.CGC was founded by Dr. Ian Clarke, MBChB BAO, DTM&H, MSc, a physician, missionary, philanthropist, entrepreneur and politician in Uganda.

    Our reputation for consistency and reliability is based on open and honest communication about what is feasible, deliverable, cost effective, and managed within a time frame. We draw from decades of experience and in depth involvement in Uganda’s social, economic and cultural paradigms to save clients years of trial and error strategies; millions in unnecessary costs and bureaucracy; unforeseen cultural shocks, and illegitimate partnerships and practices that only seek to squander their resources. In all this we constantly strive to stay in sync with clear alignment on our clients’ goals and metrics for each project.

    With our team of carefully head hunted technocrats in the fields of Healthcare, Education and Finance, we boast of a think tank well versed with their respective fields of specialty and industry to the standards of USA, Europe, India and Uganda. This makes us the number one go- to consultancy for companies and organizations venturing or aiming to make a difference in Uganda. Being able to strike a balance between the international approach and the Ugandan approach is often where the success or failure of a project lies.

    Fueled by an entrepreneurial and positive impact mindset, CGC is a trusted partner in delivering real business value for our clients, increased operational efficiency and continuity and improved service delivery to Ugandans. With us, investment in Uganda does not have to be as risky and costly as you might imagine.

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